safe wifi

March 10, 2015


5 Ways to Stay Secure On Public Wifi Networks

Nearly every shop, fast food restaurant, cafe and public building has WiFi available for patrons. In a world that’s becoming more and more wired, it’s no wonder we can access the internet from almost anywhere. It’s a great convenience that does come with some risks, however. Users of public networks need to be mindful of […]

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android os

May 19, 2014


Android OS and its Many Uses – Some a Bit Odd

Google’s Android is one of the world’s most popular operating systems. It’s open-source platform allows programmers and other developers the creativity to make and sell all kinds of applications. For most of the world, their cell phones run off of Android OS. Due to its open-source nature, companies can tailor it to fit their products. […]

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May 19, 2014


5 Applications That Are Slowing Down Your PCs Boot Speed

Computers these days should boot quickly and shut down even faster. If your Window’s PC has been experiencing some lag in the boot up sequence, there may be some things happening in the background that you can’t see. With all of these new applications we add to our computers for convenience sake, among other things, we may forget that many of them add themselves to the computer’s startup process. This means that they turn on when your computer does, but this can be a lot for your computer to do on the outset.

It is, therefore, a good idea to take control of these tasks in order to decrease the time it takes your computer to start up. This start up, clean up is especially important for people who use their work computer for some of these entertainment applications. When you need to log on quickly for a work emergency or to catch a video conference, it’s utterly important to have your computer in the best shape possible.

What’s Slowing My PC Down?

Here are 5 applications that tend to tack themselves onto the boot process on your PC. You can manage them by changing thatslow boot problems default so that the application opens when you want to use it.

1. iTunes

So many people use Windows as their PCs OS but still have an Apple device (often already connected to their computer upon startup). This is unnecessary. You can launch iTunes when you want to use it. It’s a program that takes up a lot of processing power and can easily slow a computer to a crawl.

2. Skype

Everyone loves Skype, and it’s the main way many employees communicate with each other. It is not a necessary application that needs to be open right away. Take the time to disable Skype startup when your computer does.

3. Quicktime

This product allows users to view some video content, but it’s not necessary to have it start up when your computer turns on. The player can launch when you come in contact with something that requires it.

4. Adobe Reader

This is the most popular, free PDF reader on the market today, but it’s not required all of the time. You can remove this program from the start up tasks. When you click a link to view a PDF, it will automatically launch.

5. Microsoft Office

Talk about a big program. You do not need to launch this when you start your computer. It’s a cumbersome program that WILL slow down your boot time. You can open documents normally without it opening right away.

What You Should Not Mess With

There are some programs that are better left untouched since they help your computer more than burden it. Generally, these include any programs you want to run automatically without asking your permission. Here are a few others:

  • Antivirus software
  • Applications and services for your devices (mouse, keyboard, etc.)
  • Cloud sync programs (Dropbox, GoogleDrive)
  • Microsoft services
  • Anything for Intel or AMD

This is just one easy way to improve your computer’s boot speed, but there are other more involved ways. If removing these applications from start up don’t make much of a change, you may have a more complex issue.

February 4, 2014


10 Cool Things You Can Do With Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular free email clients in the world. It’s tools are advanced and make it a one-stop destination for all things communication. For Google newbies, many of Gmail’s features are easily overlooked. Here are 10 things Gmail can do for you:

1. Combine Multiple Email Accounts

Checking 2 or 3 email accounts is a waste of time. Even if your other email accounts are not Gmail, you can forward all of your mail to one Gmail account. This can streamline your work day and help you answer emails faster.

2. Send Event Notices

When you set something in your calendar and plan to invite people, you can add their names to the list. This is all done through the calendar function or you can add an event to an email. It will send an email to the recipient allowing them to RSVP for the event. It will then be added to your calendar and theirs if they reply “yes.” If your gmail tipsphone is connected to your Gmail account, you can set a reminder to tell you when the event takes place.

3. Utilize GTalk

The chat function allows you to see which of your contacts is online. That way, instead of sending an email, you can quickly ask them a question over the chat. The chat list will tell you who is active, away from their desk, or too busy to talk.

4. Vacation Responder

Vacation auto-replies aren’t just for work emails. When you are away from your desk for the day and don’t want to be bothered by emails, send out a vacation responder. You can set this for as many hours and days you need, and it will keep your friend and clients from thinking you are ignoring their emails.

5. Prioritize Emails

You can check the star next to each email to note ones of special importance. You will know that when you log on, those will be highlighted and take precedence. This tool is helpful if you have lots of emails.

6. Organize with Labels and Folders

You can move emails into folders or keep them in your inbox but label them. Labels can be thematic or indicate importance. This will keep you from forgetting to respond to emails and prioritize your tasks.

7. Manage Your Contacts

If you have your email attached to your phone, you can use it to organize your contacts. Whatever changes you make to one, impacts the other. This lets you edit phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, and birthdays. You can also delete old contacts that no longer need to be in your list.

8. Integrate Your Mobile Device

You can set your phone so that when you receive emails, you are alerted. Your phone allows you to add a ringtone or vibration to let you know when you have an email.

9. Auto File Emails

You can set emails from certain senders to drop into different folders. Promos, social networking, and work emails can all be filtered into special folders for ease of organization. You never have to drag an drop into folders again.

10. Never Delete a Message Again

Unless you want to. Gmail gives users plenty of space so you never have to delete an email. You will be able to search for older, archived emails if you need to. If you never delete anything, you never lose anything.

Don’t forget, GMail isn’t the only free email client – check out some others.